1.      In Taiwan, the difference between the “Branch Office” and “Limited Company” is not only on taxation but also the liabilities and future development of an enterprises.  Of course government knows the benefit that could be enjoyed by the “Branch Office”. However, there is a trade-off in between, says the “Branch Office” cannot acquire other company’s shares; it cannot own properties; it cannot be transferred to other, etc.

2.      The “Branch Office” is definitely can have sales activities.


By the way, our fee schedule for company registration has updated as follow.


Setup a Limited Company in Taiwan                    (20 - 30 working days)

Setup a Branch Office in Taiwan                           (15 - 20 working days)

Setup a Representative Office in Taiwan             (15 - 20 working days)

Application process

•         Company name checking [2-3 working days]

•         **Prepare notary public document (Included M&A, Business registration certificate, Certificate of incorporation, board minutes) [3-5 working days]

•         Taiwan rental agreement [client arrange or use our virtual office service]

•         Bank opening in TW [1 working day and director should be present in TW]

•         Contribution of registered/running capital [Not lower than NT$500,000 for Limited Company; Not lower than NT$20,000 for Branch Office; No running capital is required for Representative Office]

•         Remittance Clearance [2-3 working days, depends on banks]

•         Company registration [5-10 working days for Branch/Representative Office; 10-15 working days for Limited Company]

•         Signing document in TW Inland Revenue Department [1 working day]


Remark: Fee will increase, if there is any director(s) or shareholder(s) are China passport holder



Notary Public Service                                                                            

•         Notarisation of Board resolution

•         Notarisation of Power of Attorney


Virtual Office Service in Taiwan

•         Provide 1 year registered office address                            

•         Redirecting letter by postage (Once a month, if any)

•         Scanning letter to e-mail (Upon request)

•         3 month refundable deposit                                                


Taxation Service in Taiwan

•         Prepare and handling VAT tax filing                                    

•         Annual Tax Reporting                                                             



The taxation service fee will only apply to company with turnover not more than NT$30 Million

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